Jennifer J. Chow Covers Her Debut Novel The 228 Legacy and Her Writing Knowledge

Jennifer J. Chow is a Chinese-American married into the Taiwanese culture. Her fiction has appeared in lots of literary magazines. Her first Taiwanese-American book, The 228 Legacy, made it into the next round the 2013 Amazon Break-through Novel Award competition and has been released by Martin Sisters Publishing in July 2013.

The 228 Legacy was motivated by the family stories she discovered later viewing images of the two-million-person human series commemorating 228. She has traveled numerous situations into Taiwan and visited regions dedicated to the episode. Her encounter using the elderly originates from the gerontology specialty at Cornell University and her social work encounter อ่านนิยาย. Go to Jennifer online at her site to find out more about her work.

What’s the style?

My tag line is”Asian science fiction with a geriatric twist” My recently published publication, The 228 Legacy, is categorized as women’s fiction.

Can you think About The 228 Legacy to become historical fiction?

You could mention my book since ancient fiction since it investigates the consequences of an historic event which happened in 1947. However, it’s formally categorized beneath”multicultural” and”women’s fiction.” I think that this is because the book is set in the 1980’s that will be sometimes too close to be considered historical.

How did you begin writing?

I began off as being a young child spat on bits of newspaper along with stealing dad’s typewriter to bang away on its secrets. As I got old, I joined school clubs such as yearbook, newspaper, and the literary journal. I also composed poetry on both sides. As soon as I graduated from college, I dedicated to fiction. I’ve got stories published in lots of literary publications. I also wrote and shelved about three manuscripts just before landing a deal to get my own debut book.

What’s the publishing procedure such as?

Now, the publishing process is more liquid. It used to be tougher: You had to procure a literary agent to find the attention of a acquisitions editor to introduce the manuscript to the writer’s committee meeting for a vote. Writers now have more avenues to view their own name in print, whether it is via a significant printing organization, a modest individual press, or simply by selfpublishing.

What’s your usual creating session and also environment such as?

I have a tendency to write solid chunks of time. Since I’ve two small children, I’d like to produce only when they travelled down for bed. I like the nighttime to write. It is effective for me personally due to the fact I demand complete silence to manage my sentences.

Which would be your favorite writing programs?

For my initial two or three manuscripts, I used Moleskine laptops to market my ideas and write traces down. I still like using jumped journals to keep all the webpage together. They are filled with novel ideas, research details, household trees, and chapter outlines. I also delight in writing with a ballpoint pen-I such as the permanency of black ink pencil, also I hate the smudges that may include roller pens.

What exposure have you ever needed?

I obtained finalist position in Writer Assistance’s 7th Annual Flash Pro Se Competition and also a honorable mention at the 2012 Whispering Prairie Press Writers Contest. The 228 Legacy first went throughout the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Prize, which makes it into the next round. After on, it had been found and published from Martin Sisters Publishing.

What is your very annoying remark left to you personally about your own writing?

Most people have been really supportive of the writing. A great deal of people say,”I have always dreamed of writing a book,” and I invite them to achieve that. I think it’s hard for people to understand when I’m in fact writing, even though. Some times, even if I’m looking into space, I am interested in my stories. It will get irritating when folks interrupt me as I’m brainstorming as it looks like I’m”doing absolutely nothing ”

What information would you give aspiring writers?

I would tell others to keep on telling and writing their special story. They should write the things that they need to, based in their particular wants, and never exactly what other people today are saying or what’s already on the bookshelves.

I might also warn them it’s really a bumpy trip, filled with rejection. In the end, though, writing is still an talent. More than a few individuals will appreciate the art, and others -not so much. They need to persevere and hope there are readers on the market waiting to their work.

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