How to Choose the Right Niche for a High Priced Product Funnel, Part IV


You are able to head to really any search engine I’m going to make use of Google as a case only since they perform most of pay per click advertising. But we will utilize both payperclick (which can be the sponsored links round the top and to the side of this internet web page ) and we’re also going to make use of the exact search results which can be all down the way.

The primary thing that we’re planning to do would be look your specialized niche, and you may need to check up a lot of distinct search phrases, however, research at your niche and figure out if folks are advertisements at pay per click clickfunnels discount

You want to find out if a lot more than say 57, or more than 10 different businesses are marketing something using payperclick on. If there is only 2-3 advertisers then it doesn’t tell you very much. It will not necessarily let you know it’s really a terrible market, but exactly what it can explain to you will be that there’s not much rivalry and that could be helpful for

personally if demand is strong enough. Ordinarily, however, if demand is still powerful enough there will be significantly more than 2-4 competitions.

In most niches which can be solid, you are going to see 10 or more competitors that are having to pay to have their ad on Google pay-per-click.

The following thing you could perform will be obviously browse some of the advertisements and discover what individuals are already selling. Are they currently attempting to sell a product also there’s no back ending to it? Or when you move with their own website do you find they also get a $500 solution plus in addition, they get an $2000 or $5,000 or a $10,000 merchandise? Do they’ve other products besides this initial product?

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